R. G. Miller

Master of Psychological Thrillers
Dear Thrill Seekers, 
Ever wonder why certain people commit heinous crimes? Me too! For the past fifteen years, my curiosity led me into the study of abnormal psychology searching for the answers. Are the reasons environmental? Is it biological? Could it be sociological? In my books you will get a close look at the criminal mind and the reasons why the antagonist commits their crimes!

If compelled to give three phrases to describe my novels, they would be – blood curdling, imaginative, and disturbingly addictive! If you are a fan of CSI, Criminal Minds, or Law and Order, my novels will satisfy your twisted thirst for crime fiction!

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I Am Kimberly Cole: A Journey into Terror

The latest psychological thriller by R. G. Miller, a short story.

It is said that “imitation is the best form of flattery”. But twenty-six-year-old Madison Edwards and her seven-year-old daughter will find out the hard way that not everyone finds it flattering, when they impersonate a rich party girl named Kimberly Cole. They will open a door to a hellish nightmare from which there is no escape.

The Twins Trilogy

A psychological thriller series

“The Twins: The Complete Trilogy”, takes you into the dark depths that the human mind goes to when exposed to the unthinkable…

Iris Williams, who has been the highest performing detective on the force for fourteen years, is assigned as the lead to a case that will pit her against two of the most dangerous, elusive, and young serial killers she’s ever encountered. All of Iris’s skills, as the city’s top detective will be put to the test, and so will her sanity, as she leads this major New York City manhunt!

What does it take to break a person? To take their humanity? Meet sixteen year-old, identical twin sisters, Stacey and Jannifer McHill – The Twins...
The Patient
No Man Left Behind
Ordinary citizens are committing heinous acts of violence – a babysitter, a college professor, a UPS delivery man, a NYPD detective. Why are these seemingly normal New Yorkers committing such crimes? Detectives Iris Williams and Annette Toni are assigned to a case so baffling that it will leave them dumbfounded. Will the detectives be able to unravel the perplexing murders that plague the city, or will the perpetrator disappear in the wind?
He was left to die in the steaming jungles of Vietnam by his commanding officer back in 1975. Forty years later…

...Detectives Iris Williams and her partner Detective Annette Toni had thought they’d seen it all when it came to serial killers, they were wrong. The media is calling him, The Piggyback Killer.